Prepare your tastebuds, people! We’ve found alcoholic spiders in Brisbane and they’re obvs the best thing to quench our thirst all year.

Concocted by the oh-so fabulous Andrea Mamone himself, and brought to you by the legends at Corbett & Claude, one sip and you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. Think Baileys, vodka and Frangelico mixed with chia syrup, fresh lime juice, orange zest, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar and an egg white. Coke Plus Coffee, we hear you ask!? Yes, really.

We’ve teamed up with Corbett & Claude to dish up a magical (read: delicious) Coke Plus Coffee creation and Corbett & Claude has gone and made alcoholic spiders.

These bad boys will only be around for a limited time so get there, STAT, and drink your way into foodie heaven.